1. Harness cords

HC 164-S HC 107-S
HC 166/500 HC 110-S
HC 166-S
HC 167-S

agm jactex ag - Carpet_harness_cords


2. Comber boards and guiding boards

All our comber- and guiding boardsStempelare of genuine vulcan fibre material.

Thickness: 16 mm

As usual the finished boards have a Hard Varnish coverage and a NANO surface treatment in order to reduce the friction and for a maximum durability.




agm jactex ag - Carpet_1


3. Pulley cords

agm jactex ag - Carpet_Pulley_cords

Cords materials
HC 166/500
HC 166-S
HC 167-S



4. Knife cords

agm jactex ag - messerseile

For carpet and velvet double fabrics

  • very strong finishing
  • Diameters: 3,4,5,6,8 mm etc.
  • Various colours
  • Greased and non-greased